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Connections that help

The social network 'Spine' is a social media platform that focuses on health issues, quick help with health issues, but also further training on these topics and promotes the formation of a community with like-minded people.


Here you will find all the answers about mental and physical health, endless inspiration to give your life meaning again, but above all a community that helps and inspires each other.Like-minded people walk this path with you and share their impressions, experiences, fears, but also successes on this special journey - to yourself.

This is SPINE's vision:

Connections that help.



The free social media app for people with an interest in all things holistic.

Find help quickly,  share online courses, events, podcasts, inspiration and much more and connect with like-minded people.

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Events, podcasts, affirmations, inspirations, questions


Find & share events

A pillar of the platform are events - online or in person. Find courses, seminars, lectures, retreats, workshops or holistic treatments. Do you offer yourself Events, then you can share them with the community make accessible.
Online events can be linked directly to Zoom.
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Find & share podcasts

Find and browse audio or video podcasts or share your own Podcasts on various holistic topics.


Post & browse pictures, stories, affirmations or questions

Post pictures, videos, affirmations or personal stories to inspire others or motivate. Do you have a question about a topic that concerns you? DYou can then ask them in the app or answer other questions.



Promote & share your services

Are you a health coach, healer, teacher or other provider in this area? You can use your own profile in the app to introduce yourself and your work and focus on yourself.and draw attention to your offers.



Questions and information about the app

  • Who is The Spiritual Network App for?
    The Spiritual Network App is suitable for all people interested in meditation and spirituality and invites providers of spiritual services to share them through the platform and make them easily discoverable. We distinguish between two user groups - private users and providers. INDIVIDUAL USERS - It doesn't matter if you have previous experience with meditation or other spiritual topics or are just starting out. You can get inspiration, find podcasts and events, but also post questions or content yourself. PROVIDER - If you are a spiritual/holistic provider, you can use the app to present yourself and your services, making your healing methods and inspirations accessible to more people.
  • Is the app really free?
    The Spiritual Network App is completely free to use. We finance ourselves through partnerships with advertising partners that are displayed in the app.
  • Is the app available as both an iOS and an Android app?
    Yes, the app is available as an iOS and Android app.
  • How can I promote my event or other offers in the app?
    Please contact us for more information at


App Coming Soon - For iOS & Android

Be there. The Spine app is not yet live. But if you are one of the first want to use it, then leave your name and email address. We will let you know as soon as the app is available.
The beta version will go online in spring 2024.

Thank you for your pre-registration!

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